New Brunswick Counseling Center       

Recovery is never out of reach.

Sandra Lutomski, LCSW, LCADC 
Chief Executive Director 
Dr. Allen Blasucci, PsyD 
Clinical Director 
Dr. Henry Scharf, MD 
Medical Director 
Robert Rostron 
Chief Financial Officer 
Payal Kakaria, RN 
Director of Nursing 


Paul Abbey, LCSW 
732-246-4025 x106
Susan Bosakowski, LCSW, LCADC 
732-246-4025 x103
Gunjan Patel, MSW 
732-246-4025 x107
Lori Sonenblum, LCSW, LCADC 
732-246-4025  x202


Ovais Ahmed, MA, NCC
732-246-4025 x154

 Rut Carrera, LSW 
732-246-4025 x128

 Chanae Creamer, MSW 
609-267-3610 x203 
Yohselyn Daniel-Burns, LAC 
732-246-4025 x131

Tracey Dantone, MSW
732-246-4025 x151

Bea Franklin, CADC
732-246-4025 x127 
Kerry Gorbos, LCSW 
732-246-4025 x122 
William Hamilton, LAC
732-246-4025 x 152

Sarah Jasak, LCADC
732-246-4025 x146

Mae Kazimi, LAC 
732-246-4025  x129 
Cynthia Kennedy, CADC 
609-267-3610 x207 
Samantha Kopacki, LSW
732-246-4025 x144 
Leslie-Anne Letso, LSW
732-246-4025 x108

Stephanie Nortz, LAC 
609-267-3610 x205 
Sue Oliveira, LPC 
732-246-4025 x212 

Darlene Posey, LCADC 
732-246-4025 x133 
Stephanie Riordan, LPC 
732-246-4025 x145 
Cary Sims, BA 
732-246-4025 x 136

Kaitlin Van Benthuysen, LSW
609-267-3610 x210